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Get the best price on heat treatment vs. any other bedbug exterminator.

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We use only the safest bedbug treatment methods, including heat and environmentally safe chemicals.

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Bedbug Treatment with Heat

Most Effective  •  No Harmful Chemicals

Our top-of-the line thermal bedbug heat treatment kills bedbugs dead, without chemicals. We use the best industrial propane heaters available to bring each room's temperature above 145° F. Once the lethal temperature for bedbugs has been reached, we hold the temperature for up to 2 hours. This method has proven to be over 99% effective in killing bedbugs at all stages of life, from eggs to adults, without using chemicals.

A full bedbug heat treatment can be completed in 6 to 8 hours. The treatment requires only one visit, unlike conventional bedbug treatments with pesticides, which require multiple visits for several weeks and/or months. We are so sure our heat treatment will be effective, we offer a 3 Year Warranty with the option to extend to a Lifetime Warranty, to ensure your peace of mind.

Bed Bugs Dallas

Why Choose Heat Treatment?

No Harmful Chemicals

We are one of very few bedbug exterminators with the equipment required to offer thermal heat remediation. Our industrial propane heaters reach temperatures exceeding 145°F to kill every bedbug and egg, guaranteed.

One Bedbug Treatment. Done.

Heat is the only proven way to kill over 99% of bedbugs with one treatment. An exterminator using traditional pesticides will requires more prep (i.e. washing clothes and bedding, buying mattress covers, pulling apart furniture, etc.) plus follow up visits before you see results.

3 Year Guarantee

We apply an environmentally safe residual product after the bedbug heat treatment to ensure there are no re-infestations (in the event bedbugs are brought into the area again). We back every bedbug treatment with an industry-leading 3 year unconditional warranty.
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BedBugs Heat Treatment Dallas

Common Questions Before a Bed Bug Inspection

How do you get rid of bedbugs?

Identification is the first step in getting rid of bedbugs. Many bugs look like bed bugs so an accurate identification is a critical step to avoid costly treatment for the wrong bug. Our bedbug experts have extensive knowledge of bedbug infestations and we offer a free bedbug inspection of your property as soon as tomorrow.

How do bedbugs survive?

Bedbugs are usually found in close proximity to beds because these pests need the blood of warm-blooded animals (i.e. you!) to survive. They can be found anywhere body heat and carbon dioxide from exhaled breath can support their biological processes. Bedbugs can survive for days, even weeks in hiding before coming back out to feed.

What are some signs of bedbugs?

- Waking up with new bites, welts, or rashes. Bite marks may appear in rows and clusters and are typically found on the upper torso of the body.
- Dark spotting or blood droplets on the mattresses, bedding, or pillowcases.
- Observation of the bedbug or molted insect casings.

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