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  1. Subterranean – Literally speaking, “underground.” These termites build colonies within soil in order to maintain moisture levels and are the most common termites found in the United States.
  2. Drywood – These termites do not need soil contact to retain moisture levels. Instead, they colonize in wood above ground.
  3. Dampwood – Requiring a high humidity level to survive, dampwood termites are the largest variety of the three types. They typically live in damp and decaying wood.

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We provide superior protection to exterminate termites ants, cockroaches, spiders and other pests - including wildlife. Our licensed, trained technicians are available on a moment's notice to quickly rid your home of these pests. Our affordable residential pest control plans are designed to fit your budget and your specific needs.

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Whether you’re a small business with one location or have multiple locations, we can serve your needs. We provide termite and pest control service to hospitality, restaurants, office buildings, industrial buildings, hospitals, health care facilities, senior living, convenience stores, food processing plants and all types of retail businesses.

Common Questions About Termites

How can I tell if I have termites?

Your first clue to a termite problem is the presence of small flying insects, known as termite swarmers, flying near your windows and leaving behind their wings. This generally occurs in the spring. Termite swarmers look very similar to flying ants.

While both termites and flying ants  have four wings, termite wings are uniform in size. Winged ants have noticeably larger wings in the front than the pair in the back. Termite wings are twice as long as their body. Ant wings are more proportionate to their bodies. Termite antennae are practically straight whereas an ant's antennae is elbowed. Ants have more obvious segmentation between the main parts of their body, because of their thin waist. Termites have a broad waist and are a uniform width along their entire body.

Spotting termites can be quite tricky. They are known to live undetected in hollow doors and wall voids for years. Apart from spotting swarmers in the spring, another obvious indicator of their presence is the damage they inflict on your property. To tell for sure, it can't hurt to request a free inspection.

How can I prevent termite infestations?

Stop termite damage by removing potential food sources and eliminating moisture problems around the home. A termite is constantly looking for food – anything that contains cellulose. This can include wood, paper, cardboard, carpet, and even cloth. Most termite colonies need moisture to support colonies.

Why do termites exist?

Termites actually serve a purpose in nature: breaking down dead trees and vegetation. Unfortunately, they serve the same purpose in breaking down your home! Understanding the three main types of termites in the United States can help in preventing these invaders.

How do we get started on termite removal?

Identification is always the first step. There are many bugs that look like termites, especially flying ants, so an accurate identification is a critical first step to avoid costly treatment for the wrong bug. We have extensive knowledge of termite infestations and will provide you with a free inspection of your property and then create an action plan to eliminate your termite infestation.