What to Know About Controlling Termites

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Preventing Termite Infestation

The first step to controlling termites in your home is making it uninviting for these little guys. Termites are common here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and once they get in, they can cause significant structural damage to your home. Termites often feed in areas that are hidden from view, making them one of the more difficult pests to detect. Because of this, prevention is so important. Here are some tips That’s why our Columbia termite control specialists have put together a list of things you can do to help you prevent them.

Limit Access to Source of Food

Termites love cellulose (paper/cardboard, wood, etc.). If you mulch your flower beds or other areas around your home, keep the level of mulch several inches below your home’s siding. Remove any stumps, roots, or dead trees close to your home’s foundation. Cover your firewood and store it away from your home.

Keep an eye out for damp areas of your basement and near doors and oft-opened windows containing cardboard boxes, wood, paper, etc. Termites love brown corrugated cardboard boxes like those you might get from Amazon, so limit the areas you keep these.

Limit Damp Areas and Access to Moisture

Termites like a moist environment, so you can prevent them by keeping your home and its surrounding areas dry. Keep shrubs, bushes, trees, and other vegetation well-trimmed and away from your home’s foundation. Make sure your attic, crawl space, and basement are kept dry and well-ventilated. Termites need water to survive, so make sure you make it as hard as possible to find near your home. Be sure your gutters are properly cleaned so you do not develop standing water sources right on top of your home. Find and fix any water leaks you may have in your home. If you use sprinklers in the spring and summer, keep them away from your home’s foundation.

You've Got Termites. What Do You Do?

Have your home inspected by a termite control professional. They’ll be able to tell you if you have a termite infestation and if so, will be able to get rid of them.

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